4 Ways Your Small Business Can Go Green

Your workday is busy enough as it is, so we understand your initial resistance to saving the world as well. It’s a big responsibility and not something that was in your job description. We get it. But here’s the good news: creating a more eco-friendly office is a lot simpler to achieve than you think.

On top of that, the environment won’t be the only beneficiary; a green office creates a healthier work environment, improves company morale and can actually save you some money. Here are 4 tips you can take to lighten your ecological footprint while padding your bottom line:

1. Cool it on the heating and electricity

Utilities can be a big expense for small businesses and a huge energy waster, but they don’t have to be. Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient fixtures with LED options, which can last up to about 20 years and use a fraction of the wattage of regular bulbs. Is your printer or fridge on its last leg? Select an ENERGY STAR-qualified product as a replacement. Can you knock down the thermostat a few degrees? Do it!

2. Scrap Paper

Think about ways you can reduce paper consumption in your office. Reuse shipping/packing materials. Opt for recycled paper when you can. Set your printers to double-sided printing. And this goes for all paper products in the office…like paper towels, cups and plates. Hang a couple of dishtowels in the kitchen. Sure, not everyone will use them, but even if a couple of people do, it’ll make the paper towel roll last a little longer. Also, encourage people to bring in their own coffee mugs or gym bottles instead of firing through the paper cups. The less paper you use, the less landfill you create…and the more you can save!

3. Drive Home the Need for Less Driving

There are millions of cars on the road every day going to and from work. The ecological impact of the daily commute is staggering. Do your part to help by providing incentives to employees who carpool or take public transportation. Another great way to reduce your environmental footprint is through telecommuting. Thanks to the digital revolution, it’s easier than ever to have your employees work remotely. They’re much more easily accessible today thanks to video conferencing, Hosted Voice solutions, and chat apps like Slack. On top of that, your workers will be using their own equipment and utilities, which reduces your expenses.

4. Tax Credits

Businesses in any industry can take advantage of major tax credits when they go green. Tax credits can be taken by buying hybrid or electric corporate vehicles, switching to energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems, installing solar paneling and other eco-friendly efforts. Just check with your accountant or a tax professional before making any purchases as incentives can change from year to year.

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