Wave Business December 31, 2020
DDoS Mitigation Background

DDoS Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service

What if “slow internet” is something more sinister?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) incidents occur when an attacker attempts to overload your network with traffic from multiple sources, eventually taking down your online systems.

Large attacks make headlines by interrupting service to high-profile websites, but the rapid spread of malicious incursions have put companies of all sizes and industries at risk.

You could be under attack right now and not even know it.

Attack frequency

Not only are government and financial services firms experiencing increased attack frequency, but also attacks are impacting end-user and subscribers across all industries, from manufacturing to healthcare to education.

The largest attacks can happen with traffic over 800 Gbps, but almost 90% of attacks happen at under 2 Gbps—still enough to overwhelm most organizations’ internet bandwidth in short order.

DDoS Attack Size Background

Since 2005, DDoS attack size has grown 7,900% and in the past 5 years has grown 1,233%.

Peak Attack Graph

Don’t wait until your organization is under attack.

Wave Business offers DDoS Mitigation to add another level of security to protect your network from potential DDoS threats.  We use predictive analysis to detect data patterns in your network traffic and discover probable attacks before they do damage.

We scrub your data to allow legitimate traffic through and stop unwanted traffic before it hits your network. The attack gets deflected before it even starts, and your data rolls on with no interruption.

Our service is backed by Arbor Networks Technology, the industry leader in network security. They secure the world’s most demanding and complex networks, including Wave’s, from DDoS attacks and advanced threats.

Wave’s service includes automatic mitigation and weekly reporting to give you an overview of your network traffic, potential attacks, mitigation steps taken, and more.

The proliferation and impact of DDoS attacks

According to statistics put together by Nexusguard, the frequency of DDoS attacks was up by 380% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to Q1 of 2016. These are not minor inconveniences, either. DDoS attacks can cost IT downtime and result in lost revenue.

The effects don’t stop there—nearly half of all businesses reported reputation or brand damage resulting from negative customer experiences after a DDoS attack. Unprotected organizations suffer revenue loss, costly investigations and solutions, regulatory fines, and even stock price fluctuation in the wake of attacks.

What would downtime cost your organization?

Many people view DDoS attacks as little more than a nuisance but today’s complex and massive attacks are capable of causing real financial and infrastructure damage.

Companies that do business online or rely on connectivity can be severely impacted by even short-term DDoS attacks that impact their website or internet connection.

Safeguard your business

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If you receive DDoS Mitigation Service from Wave in connection with your Internet access Service, you expressly agree and understand that the DDoS Mitigation Service does not guarantee that the Internet access Service for which the DDoS Mitigation Service is activated will never be susceptible to or negatively impacted by any distributed denial of service attack or any other type of hostile hacking activity. Instead, the DDoS Mitigation Service constitutes only one measure of protection against such activities. Wave shall not be liable for any damages of any type that may be suffered by you or any of your end users due to any DDoS attacks or other hostile hacking activity experienced by the Internet access Service that the DDoS Mitigation Service does not successfully prevent, alleviate, or ameliorate.