Download Your Work-Life Balance

Our smart devices keep us busy with work, but they can also help achieve a better work-life balance. There are a many downloadable apps available to whisk you away from work and take you to a healthier state, mentally, physically and emotionally. Here are five apps to start you on your way.

5 smart apps to help you better balance your personal and professional life.

Thanks to our smart devices, we are always online, always on hand, and, for many of us, always on the job. New phrases like “workcation” and “workend” probably wouldn’t exist without our phones or tablets constantly by our sides. So it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that these very smart devices can also help you achieve a better work-life balance…but they can! There are a bunch of downloadable apps available to whisk you away from work and take you to a healthier state, mentally, physically and emotionally. Here are five apps to start you on your way.

Put Your Phone on Hold

Has your addiction to your phone turned you into a screen zombie? Space is a personalized behavior-change program that helps you monitor your phone use. With social network tracking and daily tips, this app makes you more conscious of the time you spend on your device, ultimately helping you to build healthier habits, with your phone and with all those human beings you used to interact with!

Download a Personal Trainer

Need a break from those work emails but still want to feel productive? Get in a workout with the Nike+ Run Club. This app does a lot more than simply measure your distances and personal bests. It’s a virtual personal trainer in your pocket (or on your wrist) that adapts to you as your fitness levels change. Need extra motivation? You can even compete against your friends and take them along for your runs (even if they can’t keep up with your pace in real life).

Keep Your Family Organized

Being focused and organized at work doesn’t always translate to life at home. The Cozi Family Organizer is a huge help for managing family events, appointments and activities in one virtual planner. The app lets you edit and share a color-coded family calendar in real time, and it also stores lists, so the entire family can tell you what to buy at the grocery store. Feeling maxed out from work? Cozi can even plan your meals for the night. (You’ll still have to cook it though…the app does have its limits.)

Manage Stress

Work stressing you out? There’s an app for that! Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindful meditation, the Pacifica app offers tools for stress, anxiety and depression alongside a supportive community that helps over 1.9 million daily users. More than another yoga-type meditation app with a few poses and breathing exercises, Pacifica offers relaxation methods, mood and health tracking, thoughts tracking and goal setting to keep your mind clear and your life balanced.

Make the Most of Your Time

Feel like you’re always on the clock because of your smart devices? The ATracker takes clock management to a whole new level. This time-tracking application allows you to keep tabs on how long it takes to complete a variety of assignments and tasks. This second-by-second view of how you’re spending your time (through easy-to-understand and attractive pie charts and bar graphs) helps make you a master at time management. And ATracker is easy to set up, so you won’t need to track the time you’re spending as you get ready to track your time!

These are just five examples of how technology, when used right, can make life a lot simpler and more efficient. This applies to the office as well as the home. At Wave Business, we offer a host of communications services, from high-speed internet delivered over our fiber-rich network to cloud-based Hosted Voice, which keeps you and your staff connected anytime, anywhere. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the balance right at your workplace!