Wave Business September 28, 2020
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Stay connected

with Unified Communications and Mobility features

Improve interactions with Unified Communications

Stay connected with internal and external parties by easily sending and receiving SMS (text) messages through desktop and mobile text messaging features.

Text messages can be helpful in a variety of situations including:

  • Notifications – let external parties know about office closures or other important events
  • Appointment or billing reminders
  • Delivery alerts – tell your customers if a package will be delayed, or notify your drivers about an additional pickup location

Stay better connected internally

Employees can easily see who is available or busy and then send chat messages once logged in to the Hosted Voice platform.

This service also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, meaning Hosted Voice will update an employee’s status automatically based on their calendar.

Have a remote workforce?

The power of Hosted Voice enables you to put a phone anywhere with an internet connection and have it work seamlessly with the rest of your organization.

The mobile app, Wave Cloud Phone, is a great way to integrate a phone, tablet, PC, or laptop with your communications landscape.

Cloud Phone integrates your mobile device with desk phone functions, and enables everyone in your organization to send and receive calls and instant messages from any device connected to the internet.

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