Fiber-optic project to bring high-speed internet to Santa Maria

Santa Maria Times 1/25/2018
by Logan B. Anderson

City officials are laying the groundwork for a new fiber-optic project that could bring free Wi-Fi to downtown Santa Maria and attract new economic growth to the area.

On Thursday, city leaders announced that it had entered into a new public/private partnership with Wave Broadband, a gigabit broadband and fiber services firm, to create a fiber-optic network ring that will bring high-speed gigabit internet service and connectivity to city departments, businesses, schools and residents.

City officials could not provide an overall price tag for the project, as they said the project encompasses years of previous investment and in-kind trade for services.

The fiber-optic network will ring the heart of the city along Main Street, Miller Street, Betteravia Road and Blosser Road. Fiber spurs also connect to the city’s bus yard on Fairway Drive and to the landfill along East Main Street.

Wave officials said work on the fiber ring has already begun and it is expected to be completed later this year.

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