Put Content Marketing to Work for Your Small Business

So you’ve created this really brilliant ad for your small business and just dropped a large percentage of your media budget on it. Unfortunately, like so many other underappreciated artists out there, your genius went undiscovered. It’s no big surprise.

A DemandMetric survey revealed that 70% of today’s consumers prefer learning about a company through online content rather than through ads. This is why more businesses are focusing on inbound marketing – engaging customers with blogs or social media posts that are creative, useful and compelling. If you haven’t made content marketing a part of your promotional planning, here are five reasons to start now:

    1. It increases your online presence

    Whether your business is brand new or well-established, you should always try to gain referrals and customers through your website and social media accounts. Your online presence is your digital sales force. By offering engaging content, you’ll drive more traffic to your website. That, in turn, will expand your reach and better your chances at client and customer conversions.

    2. It exposes you to a wider audience

    Instructional videos that address challenges in your industry…blogs that share unique insights…infographics that present new stats in fun and engaging ways. When you write relevant content, your customers will be more likely to interact with it, and even better, they will be more likely to share it…putting it in front of new audiences (and new potential customers). Unlike traditional ads, which vanish once the campaign is over, a great piece of inbound marketing lives on for months…at no additional cost, making for more content (that is, in a state of peaceful happiness) small business owners.

    3. It establishes you as a thought leader

    Most companies, especially those focused on B2B clients, want to be considered an industry expert, an authority and a trusted source. Content marketing is an ideal vehicle for positioning yourself as a thought leader. By creating articles or videos that speak to potential customers’ pain points and address their questions, your audience will be more likely to click, read, watch, trust and share (oh, yeah, and eventually buy)!

    4. It boosts your SEO goals

    Any small business knows how hard it is to climb the ranks and compete with larger competitors that dominate the search landscape. Here’s the good news. When it comes to content marketing, size doesn’t matter. The key is delivering quality, pertinent information to your audience. And if you find a particular post of yours is gaining traction, make the added investment and promote it through organic channels and paid social channels. Whatever you spend, it’ll be significantly less than what you would shell out on a print ad, billboard or TV spot.

    5. It delivers more bang for your buck

    Content marketing is simply a more cost-effective option than traditional advertising. According to a HubSpot statistical report, inbound marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, while costing 62% less. So, even if you hire a marketing specialist to handle the creation, posting, and tracking of your content, it’s still a far cheaper option.

    Once your inbound marketing is up to speed, make sure your communications solutions are, too! Contact us today to learn more about our suite of communications solutions and how we can help your small business operate more efficiently and productively.