Revitalize Company Culture: The New Key To Business Success

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, sustained growth sometimes means thinking outside the box and taking a hard look at your internal operations and staff.

Revitalizing corporate culture can go a long way towards gaining a new perspective on where your company is compared with others in your field and how it can be improved.

And companies are doing this in a variety of ways. According to The Gartner Group, in the past three years, the typical organization has undertaken five major changes. However, to do this successfully, your staff has to feel engaged and acknowledged for their contributions.

So how do you breathe new life into your business culture? Here are four tips to help make waves in your office for the good of the company.

  1. Employees Matter

    Employees are the heart of any organization. They’re why—and how—businesses achieve success. Yet, when disruption occurs, employees are often left dealing with feelings of fear and uncertainty that can impact their engagement, productivity, and service levels.Gain insight from your staff by testing out focus groups and online surveys. By asking workers to share ideas or collecting their feedback on the company’s current principles, you will start to see patterns of what may need to be adjusted.
  2. Redefine Who You Are

    There’s no way around it: change is a cornerstone of business. As your company evolves, so should its principles. There’s a significant benefit in updating your core values, including higher employee engagement and more effective recruiting.
    Your company can reap such rewards by securing support from leaders in each department, taking employee feedback into account, and reinforcing your company’s new set of core values.
  3. A Resilient Culture Is the Power Behind Navigating Change

    All organizations have an employee experience (EX). When the EX is positive, employees are happier, more engaged, and more likely to stay with the organization.According to a Gallop poll, businesses with higher levels of EX showed 21% more profitability and 17% more productivity. Supporting your employees is simply good business.
  4. Disruption Can Be Good

    Regardless of the type of disruption, an employee’s alignment with organizational identity and corporate objectives is most at stake during times of change. If your goal is to revolutionize your business (and maybe your industry) and scale your company to get a competitive advantage, disruption can be great.A business stands to benefit from safely shaking things up. Disruption only works, however, if the entire team is on the same page and contributing equally to this change.

Employers need to invest in their people as they are the driving force behind business success. They push the company forward and set goals into action. As a wise individual once said, a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

One way to show appreciation for you employees is to give them the tools they need to perform at their best!

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