How to Streamline Operations by Consolidating Telecom

Seattle Business 5/1/2017
by Patrick Knorr

Choosing the right fiber company has made a big difference for Janicki Industries

Janicki Industries, a privately owned engineering and manufacturing company, is the largest employer in Skagit County, Washington. Janicki develops creative ideas to solve complex problems by bringing innovative designs and high-precision parts to industries ranging from aerospace to energy. A lot of people rely on Janicki’s services, but none more than its customers.

When Janicki experienced site-to-site connectivity issues between its different manufacturing facilities and sought to resolve the problems, they were faced with miscommunication and finger-pointing between their different internet service providers. They realized it was going to affect customer service and they had to act.

“We experienced multiple issues with other vendors, which were resolved when we called Wave. Having a single point of contact was very important in getting us over all our hurdles and ensuring that all of our business processes were optimized,” said Ron Dutt, System Administrator at Janicki Industries.

As Janicki’s business demands continued to grow, its data needs to be increased too, creating a pressing need for more bandwidth. They opted to implement Dark Fiber to provide unlimited, secure bandwidth for heavy data transfer on Janicki’s own private network.

They also installed Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to provide reliable, scalable, and constant connectivity. Previously, the connection between the company’s Utah site and its headquarters in Sedro-Woolley couldn’t keep up with demand. Now, by leveraging an Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Janicki gets a single-source point-to-point solution, resolving these issues.

“Choosing the right fiber company has simplified the management and support of our WAN and EPL networks, reducing our burden and streamlining communication,” said Ron Dutt.

After switching to a new service provider, Janicki Industries is getting what they need in terms of speed, bandwidth, and saturation. They have seen improved connectivity and created an overall more dependable service that is able to meet Janicki’s wide-ranging needs. They’re comfortable expanding knowing they’ll receive support every step of the way.

When thinking about increasing data availability in the future, Janicki sees big things. Their capacity is already very high, but depending on business needs, they may want it to be even higher. When the business reaches that point, Janicki knows it will take nothing more than one phone call to get it done.

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