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What happens to my Business Voice service if Wave loses power?

Wave Business Voice, like all Wave services, also requires that our facilities maintain power. To that end, all of our key facilities have automatic back-up generators, and we have our own back-up power supplies at most other levels throughout our systems, as well as contingency plans in place to minimize the likelihood of an outage.

In the unlikely event that the Wave facility that supplies service to your business loses power, then your phone service will not work, even if you have power at your location.

If you have an emergency alert system that uses your phone system, such as Life Alert, it will not work if your Business Voice service is not working. We encourage you to have backup power source available to maintain your phone service in the case of a power outage to your location— as well as alternative methods of communication, such as a cellular phone for emergency situations.

Call us at 1-888-202-9820 if you have any questions.

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