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How do I set up my email address on Mac OS Mail?

1.  Open Mail.
2.  Click on Mail, then Preferences.
3.  Click Add Account.
4.  Under the Account Information tab, and in the Account field select POP, in the Description field type Wave.
• In the Email Address field, type your full email address (e.g.
• In the Full Name field, type whatever you wish people to see when you send them email (it will appear in the “From” field, next to the email address).
• In Incoming Mail Server field, type your incoming mail server name as listed in the FAQ on information needed to set up your account.
• Username should be the first part of your email address before the @ symbol (e.g. johndoe).
• In the Password field, please type the password for this email account.
5.  Click on the Outgoing Mail Server field and select Add Server. In the Outgoing Mail Server field in the new box, type your outgoing mail server name as listed in the FAQ on information needed to set up your account, then select OK.
6.  Click the Advanced tab.
7.  Make sure the box next to remove copy from server after receiving message is checked. Click on the drop-down menu just below that and select Right Away. Click OK.
8.  Close out of the Accounts box.

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