Wave Launches Gigabit Service In Portland

Kirkland, WA – 4/21/2016 – Wave, a gigabit fiber and broadband services company, today announced the launch of its Wave G gigabit service in Portland, part of an accelerated expansion of Wave’s fiber network. Wave G symmetrical (upload as fast as download) gigabit internet service is now live and available at Portland’s Ladd Apartments, a 332-unit residential tower in downtown Portland’s Cultural District; three Pearl District properties in Block 17 (281 units), Asa Flats and Lofts (212 units) and The Parker (177 units); as well as Ella (199 units) in the city’s Southwest Waterfront area.

Wave has also reached agreements to further expand its fiber network and gigabit service to other properties in and around downtown Portland, including: Block 37 (270 units), NV (285 units) and Rivage Apartments (260 units), all scheduled to come online this spring and summer.  The company has provided gigabit service since 2008 to thousands of Seattle-area residents under the CondoInternet brand and recently expanded its gigabit offerings to other markets such as San Francisco and Everett, WA.

Wave plans to continue extending its gigabit service to other areas in and around Portland.
Wave’s symmetrical gigabit internet is available for $80 per month, and its 100Mbps symmetrical connection is just $60 per month.  The company recently announced $130 million in financing to accelerate the expansion of its fiber network in Oregon, California, and Washington. Wave has invested heavily in expanding its gigabit service by building out its fiber network, hiring additional staff and taking other measures to improve and expand its infrastructure.

“Portland is a growing, vibrant market and we are excited to introduce Wave’s gigabit service to the city,” said Harold Zeitz, Wave’s President and COO.  “Wave has delivered robust and reliable gigabit service for the past six years and we will continue to expand its availability as we grow our fiber network.  Wave G provides a great customer experience and gives multi-unit buildings a compelling offering for both current and prospective residents.”

Portland-area property managers, developers and residents can register their interest in gigabit internet service on the Wave G website.

About Wave

Wave is a gigabit fiber and broadband services company, providing true high-speed internet service and a variety of related products and options for business and residential customers in key areas of Washington, Oregon and California.  The company is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.