Ethernet Transport

Wave offers several scalable Ethernet configurations to match your business needs:

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)—Point-to-point Ethernet connectivity

Get the most flexible point-to-point configurations backed by reliable, carrier-class fiber. Our EPL service meets the demands of high-bandwidth applications over Ethernet. Expand to new locations. Connect new offices. Run bandwidth-intensive applications with confidence.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)—Point-to-multipoint fixed bandwidth transport for connecting multiple locations to a single hub.

Connect multiple sites to a single hub with a dedicated high-speed private network for transferring data, voice, and video communications. EVPL streamlines your network management across multiple locations with configuration options to support your offices anywhere.

Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN)—Dedicated Layer 2 connectivity between multiple sites.

Use ELAN service to allow multiple locations to communicate directly with each other across your private network through a seamless extension of each site’s LAN environment.

Why Choose Wave?

Speed & Security

With Wave, data travels securely across our high-capacity layer 2 network at native Ethernet speed.


Wave helps businesses of all sizes with connectivity at bandwidths from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Budget Flexibility

Wave offers flat monthly rates and burstable usage with a single handoff to reduce equipment and management costs.


Wave utilizes a fully redundant fiber network with diverse paths through our core network to provide consistent speeds and bandwidth dedicated solely to your data.

Full Service Guarantee

Wave backs up our infrastructure with 24/7 NOC support and robust Service Level guarantees.

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